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Fortnite's huge new update was just leaked
18 MINS AGO - A huge new Fortnite update has seemingly been revealed in a leaked trailer. The video comes after Expand
Snapchat just mysteriously stopped working
2 HRS AGO - Snapchat has stopped working, with users unable to send snaps, according to a huge number of Expand
NASA engineer proposes fuelless engine to propel spacecraft 'almost at speed of light
3 HRS AGO - David Burns, an engineer based at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre in Alabama, has unveiled Expand
Ancient Egyptian 'industrial zone' discovered in Luxor's Valley of the Monkeys
5 HRS AGO - A range of artefacts at the site dating from the 18th Dynasty, including tools, rings, limestone, Expand
Data miner prediction for Fortnite's return is good news for fans
5 HRS AGO - A data miner known as Lucas7yoshi has analysed the Fortnite code and discovered an end time for Expand
Corbyn allies fear 'under the radar power grab' as Labour leader's office undergoes major shake-up
6 HRS AGO - Further high-profile changes in the Labour leader's office are expected as internal emails, seen Expand
Best MacBook Air deals for October 2019 including 20% off discount code at Currys
6 HRS AGO - The Apple Macbook Air is one of the most costly laptops on the market - this is how you can buy Expand
UK cybersecurity firm Sophos bought for £3.1bn by US fund
6 HRS AGO - Founders Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer will make a combined £500m from the sale.
Libra: will Facebook's new currency be stopped in its tracks?
7 HRS AGO - Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and eBay have withdrawn as sponsors – and it may face regulatory Expand
Snapchat goes down for thousands of people leaving them unable to send chats
1 HR AGO - Snapchat said: 'We are looking into it and working on a fix.
Mum 'realises any fingerprint can unlock her Samsung' with eBay screen protector
3 HRS AGO - Lisa Neilson, 34, from Castleford, bought the cover from eBay in the hopes of protecting her Expand
PlayStation 5 pre-orders open letting gamers secure Sony's console for just £40
4 HRS AGO - Game Mania, a gaming shop based in Belgium, has opened pre-orders for the PS5, letting gamers Expand
Grieving dad slams Fortnite as 'black hole' halts charity livestream for dead son
5 HRS AGO - EXCLUSIVE: Dad Arron Anderson had hoped to raise thousands for the charity that looked after his Expand
Prolific British paedophile Richard Huckle who abused 200 children stabbed to death in prison
6 HRS AGO - Richard Huckle was handed 22 life sentences in 2016 for raping up to 200 babies and children in Expand
US fails to extract most dangerous Islamic State prisoners in Syria
6 HRS AGO - Syrian government forces are moving towards the Turkish-Syria border, according to the state news Expand
Humpback whales seen blowing bubbles to trap fish in 'groundbreaking' footage
6 HRS AGO - Researchers from the University of Hawaii have captured beautiful footage of humpback whales Expand
Best MacBook Pro deals for October 2019 including discounts on refurbished models
7 HRS AGO - If you're planning to splurge on a new Apple Macbook Pro laptop read our guide first
Chinese propaganda app allows government to spy on users' phones
7 HRS AGO - More than 100 million Android users could be affected by a back door in the Little Red App, Expand
Argonus and The Gods of Stone review: Beautiful open world with stunning graphics and storytelling
2 HRS AGO - Argonus and The Gods Stone is a first-person storytelling adventure with a beautiful open world Expand
Yawning Face: finally, an emoji that embodies life in 2019
3 HRS AGO - Tired? Bored? Supremely unconcerned? Thanks to the latest rollout of digital icons, soon we’ll all Expand
Facebook accuses European Union of policing free speech after court ruling
5 HRS AGO - The ECJ demanded Facebook remove a defamatory post - not just in the country in question, but Expand
Crackdown on crime dominates Boris Johnson's first Queen's Speech
6 HRS AGO - A package of 26 bills is set out at the state opening of parliament, including seven relating to Expand
Queen's Speech: Government puts focus on law and order in new legislative agenda
6 HRS AGO - Latest updates as the Queen opens a new parliamentary session and sets out her government's new Expand
Obsessed fan hunted down idol by zooming in on her eyes
6 HRS AGO - He studied the reflections for clues to her location
Ancient riverbed found on Mars indicating water once flowed on the red planet
7 HRS AGO - Based on images taken by the Mars Express spacecraft, experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) Expand

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