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Not cross bunnies: can a pet rabbit ever be happy?
1 HR AGO - A study of more than 6,000 rabbits treated by vets has found that many lead sad lives. Here’s how Expand
Ancient Egyptian 'industrial zone' discovered in Luxor's Valley of the Monkeys
6 HRS AGO - A range of artefacts at the site dating from the 18th Dynasty, including tools, rings, limestone, Expand
How Notre Dame is being rebuilt from 50 billion scraps of data
13 HRS AGO - The day after the catastrophic Notre Dame fire, the French government turned to Art Graphique et Expand
Starwatch: Aquarius is one of the oldest named constellations
22 HRS AGO - How to find the faint stars of the water bearer, identified by the Babylonians with their water Expand
The link between stress and depression … and the 10 simple words that could help
1 DAY AGO - Neurological insights into how the brain processes stress, and how it can develop into depression, Expand
My tears as a junior doctor were a ‘flaw’ that, in psychiatry, became my greatest strength
2 DAYS AGO - I burnt out as a GP but in mental health I could take time with patients and, at last, make a Expand
The 2nd known interstellar visitor makes ‘Oumuamua seem even odder
3 HRS AGO - With its gaseous halo and tail, the second discovered interstellar object, 2I/Borisov, looks Expand
NASA engineer proposes fuelless engine to propel spacecraft 'almost at speed of light
4 HRS AGO - David Burns, an engineer based at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre in Alabama, has unveiled Expand
Humpback whales seen blowing bubbles to trap fish in 'groundbreaking' footage
7 HRS AGO - Researchers from the University of Hawaii have captured beautiful footage of humpback whales Expand
Who was the Belgian physicist labelled ‘father of film’?
10 HRS AGO - Google is celebrating the 218th birthday of Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau, Expand
If you avoid phone calls, you're missing out. Here's why | Melanie Tait
16 HRS AGO - Culturally, we’re moving away from phone conversations – but they’re often the best part of my Expand
Nearly 400 scientists support Extinction Rebellion's civil disobedie…
1 DAY AGO - Almost 400 scientists have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign aimed at forcing governments to Expand
Moving to Mars: Design innovations that will help humans live on the Red Planet
1 DAY AGO - ESA's rover, the NDX-1 space suit and 3D-printing robots all feature in the Design Museum's Moving Expand
Snotty children are the key to the UK's biggest ever flu vaccine push
1 DAY AGO - With winter looming, public health agencies are ramping up to deliver 25 million flu vaccines, Expand
Orionid meteor shower 2019: When to see most beautiful meteor shower of the year
2 DAYS AGO - The spectacular meteor shower will peak later this month - here's how to watch it
Interstellar comet just like ones from our solar system – astronomers
3 HRS AGO - Scientists tracking 2I/Borisov say some formation processes may be common between stars The first Expand
Economics Nobel goes to poverty-fighting science | Science News
5 HRS AGO - Three scientists share the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for developing real-world Expand
Cancelled for sadfishing: the top 10 words of 2019
11 HRS AGO - From people becoming a proper noun to woke’s use as an insult, we pick our key words of the Expand
Geneticists retract study suggesting first CRISPR babies might die early
18 HRS AGO - Researchers rapidly corrected finding through discussions on social media and preprints.
Divestment works – and one huge bank can lead the way | Bill McKibben
1 DAY AGO - On 15 October, the European Investment Bank meets to decide its policy on fossil fuels. The hand Expand
How we define death changes with technology, research suggests
1 DAY AGO - If you're reading this, you know what living looks like - movement, neurological activity, Expand
Climate rebels open new fronts across capital as protests escalate
2 DAYS AGO - Activists block trade at Billingsgate fish market and target headquarters of energy company Shell Expand

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