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Your most pressing questions about the new coronavirus, answered | Science News
1 HR AGO - With more questions than answers right now, researchers are racing to understand 2019-nCoV and Expand
Scientists build robot hand that can sweat
2 HRS AGO - Fingers made of hydrogels layers have pores that ooze water to cool downNever mind their cold, Expand
Cars tell drivers what colour traffic light will be in new trial
3 HRS AGO - A car manufacturer has trialled technology that allowed vehicles to communicate with traffic Expand
People are freaking out after hearing the strange noise koalas make
6 HRS AGO - A video of a koala making the strange sound has been shared on Twitter and viewers are freaking Expand
Australian scientists grow coronavirus outside China in bid to fight…
9 HRS AGO - A team of scientists in Australia has become the first to grow coronavirus in a laboratory outside Expand
An astrophysicist honors citizen scientists in the age of big data | Science News
10 HRS AGO - In ‘The Crowd and the Cosmos,’ an astrophysicist gives due to citizen scientists and says they Expand
Amateur stargazers capture new form of northern lights
17 HRS AGO - Aurora enthusiasts in Facebook group discover new phenomenon in FinlandA new form of the northern Expand
Germany confirms first human transmission of Wuhan virus in Europe – as it happened
21 HRS AGO - US updates travel warning to highest level as mayor of Wuhan admits authorities were too slow in Expand
Can the coronavirus outbreak be contained? | Science News
1 DAY AGO - More than 50 million people are quarantined in China, but whether the strategy will stem the Expand
World Indoor Athletics cancelled over coronavirus with Chinese GP at risk
2 HRS AGO - • World Athletics confirms event has been delayed for year • F1 race on 19 April in Shanghai at Expand
Africa’s colonisation of the English language continues apace | Afua Hirsch
3 HRS AGO - The British Empire forced its colonies to abandon their own languages. Now they are making English Expand
Iraqi discoveries help shed light on British Museum treasures
4 HRS AGO - Work of trainees in Iraq has enabled new understanding of objects going on show in UKFor decades Expand
What is coronavirus and how worried should we be?
8 HRS AGO - What are the symptoms caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how is it transmitted from one Expand
Britons evacuated due to coronavirus to be quarantined for 14 days
10 HRS AGO - People returning from China could be placed at a military base, says health departmentCoronavirus: Expand
AI could trick us into thinking we’ve found aliens, scientists warn
11 HRS AGO - Artificial intelligence could trick us into thinking we have found potential aliens, researchers Expand
Incredibly rare' grave of 2,000-year-old Iron Age warrior armed with sword found
21 HRS AGO - The 'incredibly rare' grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new Expand
Magic mushroom compound provides anti-anxiety and antidepressant eff…
1 DAY AGO - A single dose of psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, can result in “significant Expand
Heal the land, secure our future | David Pocock's 2020s vision
1 DAY AGO - Regnerative agriculture can revolutionise the continent. That’s not a pie-in-the-sky utopia, but Expand
The Guardian view on China and the coronavirus: scrutiny, not stigma | Editorial
2 HRS AGO - It’s right to scrutinise the official response to the outbreak, but that does not justify Expand
Telescope captures most detailed pictures yet of the sun
3 HRS AGO - First observations from Inouye telescope bring previously hazy star into sharp focusThe sun’s Expand
Meteorites suggest ancient Earth once had an atmosphere rich in CO2
4 HRS AGO - Simulations of reactions between 2.7-billion-year-old micrometeorites and atmospheric gases hint Expand
Two satellites could collide at 32,800mph tonight creating 'dangerous' field of debris
9 HRS AGO - Experts have warned that two defunct satellites will narrowly avoid a collision this evening, Expand
The Clean Water Act was a staggering bipartisan achievement. Now Trump is gutting it | Blan Holman
10 HRS AGO - This is the single largest loss of clean water protections that America has ever seen – and the Expand
Our worst nightmare': UK family face being split up as coronavirus evacuations begin
13 HRS AGO - Sindy Siddle, who has a Chinese passport, told she cannot leave with her husband and childA Expand
UK and EU: Cherish what you have achieved and stay close
21 HRS AGO - As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, a future research relationship must be built on Expand
Global firms halt China travel as coronavirus spooks markets
1 DAY AGO - Fears grow over global economic fallout with airline shares hit and commodity prices Expand

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