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Coronavirus live news: WHO says pandemic still accelerating; 624 Romania patients discharge themselves from hospital
1 HR AGO - WHO appoints committee on Covid-19 crisis; Romanian court ruled against mandatory admittance with Expand
NASA shares stunning photo of Comet NEOWISE above 'veins of heaven' clouds
7 HRS AGO - NASA has featured the stunning photo of Comet NEOWISE and silvery blue wave-like clouds as its Expand
Wearing a face mask reduces your risk of coronavirus by 65%, doctors say
9 HRS AGO - Researchers from the University of California Davis Children’s Hospital say the findings highlight Expand
Coronavirus Victoria: everything we know about Melbourne's Covid-19 clusters
12 HRS AGO - Melbourne is undergoing a suburban testing blitz after Victorian premier Daniel Andrews revealed Expand
New Zealand police to patrol quarantine hotels after breakouts
15 HRS AGO - Move comes after two people absconded from quarantine, including a man later found to have Expand
Indigenous Americans had contact with Polynesians 800 years ago, DNA reveals
20 HRS AGO - Study shows groups crossed vast ocean in about the year 1200 Proof of encounter found in DNA of Expand
SpaceX launch - watch LIVE as Elon Musk's firm launches 60 satellites into space
1 DAY AGO - Elon Musk's SpaceX is about to launch 60 satellites into space, as part of its Starlink mission, Expand
Self-isolating 'may increase your risk of Covid-19', controversial study claims
1 DAY AGO - Professor Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, claims time Expand
Cannabis could prevent deadly lung condition linked to coronavirus, study claims
1 DAY AGO - Researchers from the University of South Carolina claim that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of Expand
Number of positive Covid-19 tests remains stable in England
3 HRS AGO - An estimated 14,000 people had infection over past two weeks, according to ONS dataCoronavirus – Expand
Councils need detailed data to contain Covid-19. Why have they been sidelined? | Chris Ham and Kate Ardern
8 HRS AGO - The government’s preference for centralisation and the private sector has undermined England’s Expand
Full list of everyday activities that put you at high risk of catching Covid-19
11 HRS AGO - Doctors at Texas Medical Association (TMA) have put together a handy list of all the everyday Expand
How to stop your glasses steaming up – and 19 other essential facts about face masks
13 HRS AGO - How often should you wash a cloth mask? And how effective are the disposable ones? The expert Expand
Global temperatures likely to hit at least 1C warming for next five years
17 HRS AGO - Experts say new climate data shows how close world already is to breaching 1.5C Paris agreement Expand
Evidence for wearing face masks is clear | Letter
1 DAY AGO - Research strongly supports the importance of face coverings in a variety of contexts, says Dominic Expand
How to hack your brain to remember almost anything
1 DAY AGO - Four-time USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis and psychological scientist Julia Shaw explain how to Expand
SpaceX's Starlink satellites visible from the UK this week - when to see them
1 DAY AGO - The Starlink satellites form a constellation of thousands of satellites, and are designed to Expand
NASA spots Comet NEOWISE from space station - how to see it from UK this month
1 DAY AGO - NASA astronauts on board the International Space Station have snapped a stunning photo of Comet Expand
Noise control: sound wave system cancels out drum of traffic
3 HRS AGO - Windows can stay open say scientists behind speaker array that emits opposing pressure sound waves Expand
Rare 'brain-eating' amoeba discovered as one man infected, health officials warn
8 HRS AGO - The Florida Department of Health said one person in Hillsborough County has contracted the Expand
How Covid-19 took over America
11 HRS AGO - In early June it looked like the USA was bending the curve of its coronavirus outbreak. Then Expand
How many contactable alien civilisations are out there? – podcast
14 HRS AGO - Could there really be other civilisations out there in the Milky Way? Nicola Davis talks to Prof Expand
Tulsa health chief cites Trump rally over spike in cases – as it happened
18 HRS AGO - Gathering ‘likely contributed’ to surge; Bolsonaro vetoes measures to help indigenous people; Expand
Scientists join forces to investigate airborne risk of coronavirus
1 DAY AGO - WHO adviser says results from well-designed studies are needed before it changes its Expand
What kind of face mask gives the best protection against Covid-19?
1 DAY AGO - Your questions answered on what type of mask to wear to cut the risk of getting Expand
Spaceship Earth review – 90s Arizona eco-experiment looks like reality TV
1 DAY AGO - This absorbing documentary tracks how participants in the Biosphere 2 project lived, grew food and Expand

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