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The UK’s big GMO food plan might not be that big
1 DAY AGO - The government wants to blow away the cobwebs of EU legislation. But the trickiest scientific and Expand
A mystery cube, a secret identity, and a puzzle solved after 15 years
6 DAYS AGO - In 2005, an alternate reality game asked players to find a man named Satoshi based just on a Expand
As Uber pays compensation, drivers claim foul play
07/06/2021 - Thousands of Uber drivers are receiving compensation for missed holiday pay, but they say the Expand
46 of the best podcasts for curious minds
04/06/2021 - Our pick of the best podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more covering technology, culture, Expand
Can we take the high out of psychedelics?
03/06/2021 - The psychedelic revolution is underway. This scientist wants to make it less trippy
Why you need to use disappearing messages on WhatsApp and Signal
01/06/2021 - Disappearing messages add an extra level of privacy. Here’s how to turn them on and when you Expand
Japan’s karoshi culture was a warning. We didn’t listen
28/05/2021 - For decades, Japan has grappled with the problem of people overworking themselves to death. Now, Expand
This Arctic mine is a warning the world must heed
26/05/2021 - As the Arctic thaws, developers are rushing to take natural resources. The Indigenous communities Expand
The 2021 iMac is a great family computer, thanks to Jony Ive (again)
22/05/2021 - The iMac’s first major redesign since 2012 is in almost all respects a hit. And, yes, Apple’s Expand
Rimac’s all-electric Nevera hypercar is unbelievable
2 DAYS AGO - Faster than an F1 car yet easy to drive, the most exciting thing about Mate Rimac’s creation is Expand
What really went down when the internet went down
7 DAYS AGO - Fastly’s outage took out a chunk of the internet. The next one could be even bigger
It’s time to ditch Chrome
06/06/2021 - As well as collecting your data, Chrome also gives Google a huge amount of control over how the Expand
China has triggered a bitcoin mining exodus
04/06/2021 - A crackdown on mining is sending China’s crypterati scrambling for the exit
What does the city of the future look like? Oakland
02/06/2021 - The Californian city reinvented urban planning to tackle the pandemic. That change could be here Expand
The Audi e-tron GT has supercar speed with EV ease
31/05/2021 - Audi's new flagship tourer is based on the same platform as the Porsche Taycan. What's remarkable Expand
Thought 3D printing was dead? Think again
27/05/2021 - The so-2012 technology witnessed a resurgence because of Covid-19. And it might be here to stay
The hunt for the master cow that will feed the world
25/05/2021 - Researchers are racing to find the cow cells that will make up tomorrow’s burgers, but in the Expand
How to bypass and block infuriating cookie popups
22/05/2021 - Cookie consent popups are everywhere and opting out of tracking is a pain. It doesn’t have to be Expand
What the Nintendo Switch Pro needs to succeed
3 DAYS AGO - An upgraded Switch has been rumoured for years – but what should Nintendo be considering for its Expand
Companies are finally getting rid of dumb work perks
7 DAYS AGO - Work-from-anywhere policies spell doom for in-house DJs, yoga teachers and corporate food providers
Huawei is fixing Android with HarmonyOS
05/06/2021 - We get to grips with what works – and what doesn't – on the new MatePad Pro and Huawei Watch 3
The mRNA vaccine revolution is just beginning
03/06/2021 - mRNA brought us a Covid-19 vaccine in record speed. Next it could tackle flu, malaria or HIV
How London’s big tech firms are preparing for the return to the office
01/06/2021 - Google is investing in collapsible furniture and balloon walls. Everyone else is flocking to buy Expand
7 of the best strategy games you can play right now
30/05/2021 - While the genre is undoubtedly best suited to the PC, there’s a lot to keep console players busy, Expand
India’s CoWin vaccine booking system is a nightmare
27/05/2021 - The Indian government made its booking API free to everyone. Bots, profiteers and automation have Expand
11 cool Switch accessories to upgrade your gaming
23/05/2021 - From the best ways to use it with your TV to the handiest ways to use it on the go, these are the Expand

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