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The Independent
A Dog’s Tale review – quirky musical takes Crufts for a walk
1 DAY AGO - Scarcroft Allotments, YorkThe performers’ tail-wagging joy at being back in front of audiences Expand
Country diary: there’s no taming of the pygmy shrew
4 DAYS AGO - Langstone, Hampshire: Two velvet-coated shrews tumbled down the slope, landing at our feet. The Expand
Puppy trafficking ring that allegedly docked ears uncovered in Italy
03/06/2021 - Forty people under investigation, including 11 vets involved in the illegal docking of ears and Expand
Pets at Home hits £1bn sales record as lockdowns spur ‘pet baby boom’
27/05/2021 - Chain says home working has changed market and fuelled surge in sales of kitten and puppy Expand
Tim Dowling: the cat needs food. But whose turn is it to go?
22/05/2021 - It’s 5.30, I say. Cat food happens at 6It is late afternoon and I have carried the folding Expand
Dogs and humans live among the gravestones in Pasay cemetery, Philippines – a photo essay
17/05/2021 - In a project for the Lady Freethinker NGO, photographer Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski has teamed up with Expand
Would-be dog owners told to think twice before buying flat-faced breeds
14/05/2021 - Exclusive: Brachycephalic breeds prone to health issues and may fuel crime, experts say as Expand
Sit! Stay! Don’t be sad! How to protect your pet from separation anxiety
09/05/2021 - From dogs and cats to parrots and rabbits, our pets have got used to having us around 24/7 during Expand
UK taskforce to tackle rising number of pet thefts
08/05/2021 - Body will look into what is contributing to surge in thefts and recommend solutions to tackle Expand
How Guardian-reading over-70s are staying active | Letters
2 DAYS AGO - Sheila Hunt, Patrick Russell, Michael Shipman and Bob Hely respond to Christian Wolmar’s letter on Expand
Put on the dog: four easy at-home spa treatments to care for your canine
07/06/2021 - From soothing paw balms to puppy-safe bath bombs, these DIY treatments make wash day a Expand
150 years old: how the quest for eternal life found its natural limit
01/06/2021 - A new study reveals that humans could potentially live to 150 – and dogs can also look forward to Expand
Share your pictures and stories of pet tattoos
24/05/2021 - Do you have a tattoo in honour of your pet? Tell us all about it – and share your photos – using Expand
Snoring, slugs and sarcoptic mange: is it safe for cats and dogs to sleep on our beds?
20/05/2021 - Dogs can carry bacteria and parasites, while cats smuggle in gory ‘presents’. So is it best to Expand
Texas police fail to earn stripes as tiger which terrorised suburb goes missing
15/05/2021 - Tiger named India briefly roamed streets in viral videoOwnership disputed but man, 26, charged Expand
Pitbull terrier reunited with owner after man charged with dognapping in Sydney’s CBD
11/05/2021 - Man arrested and charged with stealing a dog after Baxter went missing from the intersection of Expand
‘Big bark but no bite’: Obamas mourn former first dog Bo
09/05/2021 - Barack and Michelle Obama express sorrow at passing of ‘true friend and companion’Former President Expand
Small dogs: why are tiny hounds more aggressive than big ones?
05/05/2021 - Not only are little dogs more likely to lash out, they also tend to be less obedient and less well Expand
Dog daycare: who will look after your pet when you go in to work?
3 DAYS AGO - Dogs became used to owners being around more in Covid lockdowns but there are ways to make being Expand
‘Alice the rat was so special’: readers on their brilliant, beloved pet tattoos
07/06/2021 - During the pandemic, every pet became an emotional support animal – and many people decided they Expand
I love my new garden – i just wish it didn't come with a gang of neighbourhood cats | Emma Beddington
01/06/2021 - I didn’t realise that when I moved to the suburbs I would be pushed into a war with so many Expand
Faster than a PCR test: dogs detect Covid in under a second
24/05/2021 - Study in London used six enthusiastic dogs in a double-blind trialCoronavirus – latest updatesSee Expand
The dog has a cough – and I’m £80 poorer | Adrian Chiles
20/05/2021 - I thought my pet insurance would cover the routine vet bills. I was wrongThe writing is on the Expand
‘He grabbed the lead and said: give me the dog’: can pet detectives stop the rise in animal theft?
15/05/2021 - Dogs are more valuable than ever – which is why so many are being snatched. But some owners and Expand
Down boy: why grumpy dogs are more intelligent than happy-go-lucky hounds
10/05/2021 - Worried that your canine companion is disobedient, territorial and quick to bark? Research Expand
From the archive: the alarming rise in exotic pets, September 1965
09/05/2021 - Boa constrictors, giant water dragons, gorillas – house pets take a wild turnThe Observer Magazine Expand

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