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The Independent
Every human year not equivalent to seven dog years, scientists find
7 DAYS AGO - Study of DNA changes in labradors suggests puppies age much faster than older dogsDogs do not Expand
Winning by a nose: the dogs being trained to detect signs of Covid-19
21/06/2020 - In the battle against the virus, we have an unlikely ally. Already used to detect drugs and Expand
Four legs good: furniture fit for high-class hounds – in pictures
13/06/2020 - Why shouldn’t dogs enjoy minimalist furniture in natural shades? Continue reading...
Model behaviour: Luna the lockdown dog - in pictures
06/06/2020 - “The inspiration came from the toilet-roll stockpiling in this country,” says Alex Grace of her Expand
The emotional rollercoaster of adolescent dogs – podcast
21/05/2020 - It’s an experience many dog owners have been through – their adolescent pooches appear to be more Expand
Keep pet cats indoors, say researchers who found they kill 230m native Australian animals each year
15/05/2020 - Australia’s 3.7m domestic cats wreak environmental havoc and should be contained, authors of new Expand
Stay four koalas apart': an animal hospital's response to coronavirus – in pictures
11/05/2020 - Telehealth appointments and delays in elective surgery aren’t just for people – veterinarians have Expand
I wish more people would read ... The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
23/04/2020 - You’ve seen the films, but the novel is far richer and funnier – and in these locked-down days Expand
Coronavirus stars: BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter's dogs Olive and Mabel go viral
10/04/2020 - Bereft of actual sports to preside over, Cotter turns to his two competitive petsSee all our Expand
TV tonight: Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick returns with a puppy special
7 DAYS AGO - Channel 4’s well-loved vet starts a new series looking back on six years of saving the nation’s Expand
Street Cat Named Bob: pet who inspired books and film dies aged 14
16/06/2020 - James Bowen, who met Bob during his battle with drug addiction, says pet ‘saved his life’The pet Expand
Country diary: magpies are not to be seen in black and white terms
13/06/2020 - Harlech, Gwynedd: Green, bronze, purple, touches of azure, red, iridescence – all these colours Expand
Rio animal shelter delivers pets to Brazilians in lockdown – in pictures
29/05/2020 - To meet rising demand for animal companions in lockdown, Public Animal Shelter in Rio de Janeiro Expand
Best friends: why is the love we have for our dogs so special?
16/05/2020 - Monty Don’s grief for the loss of his retriever, Nigel, was a reminder that in a time of Expand
Dogs endure emotional difficulties in puberty like humans, says study
12/05/2020 - Research finds animals are less responsive to instructions from their carer during Expand
Dogs are for life, not just coronavirus lockdown, says charity
03/05/2020 - Dogs Trust asks potential owners to consider life after lockdown amid surge in online Expand
Pets in prison: the rescue dogs teaching Californian inmates trust and responsibility
19/04/2020 - Bringing rescue dogs and prisoners together in a remarkable rehabilitation programme in California Expand
Cat lovers crash national vets' website after coronavirus fears
08/04/2020 - Owners concerned at prospect of lockdown for 10.9m pets over concerns they may transmit Expand
Strong arguments for giving up meat for good | Letters
22/06/2020 - Readers respond to an article that debunked the usual criticisms of veganism and vegetarianism Expand
My chickens are always pleased to see me!' Life with the hen rescuers
14/06/2020 - Every year, tens of thousands of egg-laying chickens are rescued from slaughter and found loving Expand
In 18 months, we've had 30 cats – and it's been wonderful | Tom Hawking
07/06/2020 - From nursing mothers to senior catizens, you see it all as a foster carerNearly three years ago my Expand
Battersea dog and cat foster carers – photo essay
22/05/2020 - Photographer Jill Mead has been meeting the staff, volunteers and foster carers of Battersea Dogs Expand
I've Zoomed and I've dog groomed and I still don't know how to stay alert | John Crace
15/05/2020 - The confusion sown by Boris Johnson has spread to Covid-19 testing and beyondCoronavirus – latest Expand
Race to find homes for greyhounds as pandemic closes Florida tracks
12/05/2020 - Dog racing was due to end in the state next January but Covid-19 has prompted a hasty volunteer Expand
Now I know how fast everything can change, I won't take life's joys for granted
01/05/2020 - Confined to home, it might feel as if the world has slowed down, but we are racing through time Expand
‘Hundreds and hundreds of kittens’: the volunteers saving strays as Covid-19 closes shelters
15/04/2020 - Small rescue groups are stepping in as New York sees its yearly influx of newborns, but resources Expand

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