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Medical News Today
The Independent
Walking more linked with lower blood pressure
22/03/2020 - A new study has found a link between walking more and maintaining a healthy blood pressure, adding Expand
COVID-19: 5 reasons to be cautiously hopeful
21/03/2020 - We round up some of the research on COVID-19 that has emerged recently and produced results that Expand
Is blood type linked to coronavirus infection risk?
20/03/2020 - While a preliminary study finds that people with type A blood may have a higher risk of needing Expand
COVID-19 suppression 'only viable strategy at the current time
20/03/2020 - New, policy-influencing research explores the different effects that suppression or mitigation of Expand
COVID-19: 'Digestive symptoms are common
20/03/2020 - New research suggests that digestive symptoms, including a loss of appetite and diarrhea, are more Expand
Gut bacteria may be linked to type 2 diabetes
19/03/2020 - Researchers think that gut bacteria may trigger inflammation, which in turn prevents insulin from Expand
SARS-CoV-2: How a person's immune system defeated the virus
19/03/2020 - A new case study has shown how the immune system of an otherwise healthy adult was able to fight Expand
COVID-19: Junior Doctors Share Tips on Preparing For Long Shifts
19/03/2020 - Junior doctors are sharing practical tips online in preparation for the long shifts ahead, as the Expand
PHE Advises Against Using COVID-19 Rapid Home Test Kits
18/03/2020 - Public Health England says there's no evidence that some coronavirus test kits on sale to the Expand
Community characteristics may affect life expectancy
22/03/2020 - Researchers find links between the characteristics of a community — such as the number of fast Expand
UK COVID-19 Daily: NICE Issues Critical Care Guidelines
21/03/2020 - These are the UK coronavirus stories you need to know about today.
COVID-19: Why understanding the impact on children is crucial
20/03/2020 - Experts warn that understanding the impact that COVID-19 has on children is of critical importance Expand
Gut bacteria may boost cancer therapy by colonizing tumors
20/03/2020 - New research in mice finds that a commensal bacterium called Bifidobacterium could make a Expand
The new coronavirus was not genetically engineered, study shows
20/03/2020 - SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19, is the result of natural evolution, a study shows, 'ending Expand
Smell helps the brain form memories during sleep
19/03/2020 - New research finds that smells can help the brain consolidate memories during sleep, and the Expand
A pair of matching sex chromosomes could mean a longer life
19/03/2020 - A report finds that across the animal kingdom, those with a pair of matching sex chromosomes live Expand
Can an old method help doctors fight COVID-19?
18/03/2020 - Some researchers are arguing that an older method — called passive antibody therapy — could be Expand
COVID-19: Study estimates rate of ‘silent transmission’
17/03/2020 - Once an individual has the virus, there is a phase before symptoms begin. A study estimates how Expand
UK COVID-19 Daily: 'Cannon Fodder
22/03/2020 - These are the UK coronavirus stories you need to know about today.
CDC on COVID-19 severe outcomes: Where do we stand?
20/03/2020 - A new CDC report confirms that adults over 65 — and especially those 85 and over — are most at Expand
Putting the clocks forward in spring costs lives on US roads
20/03/2020 - Researchers have concluded that 'abolishing time changes completely would improve public health Expand
Does a low-carb diet keep your brain young?
20/03/2020 - A new study suggests that a diet low in carbs could prevent and even reverse age-related cognitive Expand
MHRA Recalls Uterine Fibroids Medication
20/03/2020 - The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is recalling ulipristal acetate (Esmya) 5 Expand
6 fascinating neuroscience studies
19/03/2020 - In this feature, we outline some studies that are helping to change the way we see our brain and Expand
Contracting SARS-CoV-2 may protect against future reinfections
19/03/2020 - New research in four rhesus macaques finds that infection with the new coronavirus could protect Expand
The role of inflammation in dementia may inform new treatments
18/03/2020 - New research has found that brain inflammation likely plays a key role in several types of Expand

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