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‘I feel liberated’: the women celebrating their body hair
3 HRS AGO - For the past month, women around the world have been celebrating the joys of ditching hair-removal Expand
Father criticises primary school for serving children with allergies…
10 HRS AGO - A father has criticised his children’s school for not providing adequate meal options for his two Expand
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect birth weight and cognit…
15 HRS AGO - Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and poor cognitive function, Expand
One in five new mothers ‘not told how to find mental health support …
1 DAY AGO - A fifth of new mothers were not told how to seek out mental health support after giving birth, a Expand
Black, Asian and minority ethnic people less likely to be physically…
1 DAY AGO - People who are from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are less likely to take part in Expand
Detox foot patches: Want something more effective? Flush your leg down the toilet
1 DAY AGO - The instructions – literally – make no sense whatsoever. And it made my foot dirtier, more fetid Expand
Miriam Stoppard: We can forget those claims that statins harm memory
2 DAYS AGO - The most comprehensive analysis of ­cognition in elderly statin users to date found no results to Expand
One ping after another: how constant notifications are driving us to distraction
2 DAYS AGO - They tell us when someone has called, texted and WhatsApped us - even to drink water and exercise. Expand
11 of the biggest misconceptions about HPV
3 DAYS AGO - Every year, around 3,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported in the UK.
For those who love the sea but fear it too, ocean pools are a revelation | Josephine Tovey
4 HRS AGO - Ocean pools can be a bridge between Australia’s beach-going mythology and the dangerous reality of Expand
Alexis Ohanian says period after Serena Williams gave birth was ‘tra…
10 HRS AGO - Alexis Ohanian has spoken about how the period after his wife Serena Williams gave birth was Expand
My cancer recovery was relatively smooth. Why do I feel in limbo? | Leading questions
18 HRS AGO - There is no reliable ratio between events and how they affect us – all you can do is reflect on Expand
Smear tests could soon be replaced by at-home kits
1 DAY AGO - The Department of Health has announced that it is currently developing at-home smear test kits. On Expand
She can't say no': the men who take breast milk from babies
1 DAY AGO - A study is looking into the coercive practice in Uganda, amid calls for government to address the Expand
Old people are fitter than ever – but I wish everyone would shut up about it | Suzanne Moore
1 DAY AGO - I’ve had to ditch my Fitbit, and am tempted to bin my phone, too, since it started badgering me to Expand
Horlicks or nocturnal teas: are hot drinks the secret to the perfect night’s sleep?
2 DAYS AGO - Sales of the malt drink are up, and many people swear by a cuppa before bed. The soporific effect Expand
The truth about hydration: should you drink eight glasses of water a day?
2 DAYS AGO - The 8x8 rule has become a health goal for many. But when it comes to healthy skin, eyes and having Expand
Five women share how being diagnosed with cervical cancer affected t…
3 DAYS AGO - Every year, around 3,000 new cases of cervical cancer are reported in the UK.
For those who love the sea but fear it too, ocean pools are a revelation | Josephine Tovey
4 HRS AGO - Ocean pools can be a bridge between Australia’s beach-going mythology and the dangerous reality of Expand
The surge in wild swimming shows we are looking for something we’ve lost | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
13 HRS AGO - It has become a social media cliche, but taking the plunge in lakes and the sea offers healing and Expand
Key to staying fit after 65 with 8 expert hacks on leading healthy lifestyle
22 HRS AGO - Stuart Roberts, author of Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy: A Life Manual for 40+, reveals the best Expand
Women warned against new ‘menopause delay’ procedure
1 DAY AGO - A medical expert has warned against a new procedure that can supposedly enable women to postpone Expand
I love my boyfriend. So why do I fantasise about my workmate?
1 DAY AGO - My boyfriend is like a member of the family. But although he’s kind and supportive, he doesn’t Expand
Aah, a hot bath – archive, 28 January 1936
1 DAY AGO - 28 January 1936 The immense satisfaction a good soak bringsJust a spot more hot from that supply Expand
The way of the tired person': life rules for the perpetually exhausted
2 DAYS AGO - Sometimes weariness is inevitable, but as one chronic fatigue sufferer has learned, when you can’t Expand
I dithered over veganism for years – until a friend’s simple message convinced me
2 DAYS AGO - I’ve always cared about the planet, but giving up animal products felt daunting. Then a friendly Expand

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