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Main concern should be to help millions who are already struggling to meet ends meet, says chair of the International Chamber of Commerce
3 DAYS AGO - We spoke to Paul Drechsler - the former president of the Confederation of British Industry and Expand
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak clash over how to prevent a recession
4 DAYS AGO - Half of the adult population in the UK is already reducing energy usage in a bid to save money on Expand
Social care sector already crippled by cost of living crisis, as interest rates rise
5 DAYS AGO - One area already hit by the cost-of-living crisis is the social care sector. 
Cost of living crisis: Truss and Sunak give no concrete details about how to help struggling families
5 DAYS AGO - As we've been hearing, the Prime Minister is away on holiday, as is the Chancellor of the Expand
‘Embedded inflation will hurt least well-off more’, says Bank of England governor
5 DAYS AGO - The Bank of England has come under fire from politicians for failing to deal with inflation. And Expand
Global economy on brink of recession, IMF warns
26/07/2022 - Spiralling energy prices are hitting economic growth across the world - with the IMF warning the Expand
Boris Johnson ‘appalling PM says SNP MP
06/07/2022 - Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted a letter from Boris Johnson saying it was not Expand
Boris Johnson’s premiership is ‘finished’, says senior Tory MP
06/07/2022 - We’re joined by the senior Tory MP, Sir Charles Walker, former vice chair of the 1922 Committee.
What could the new PM do to support the least well-off – and where would the money come from?
4 DAYS AGO - If Liz Truss does become the next prime minister, it's being reported that she will hold an Expand
Major Tory donor accused of bribing former governor of Puerto Rico
4 DAYS AGO - Last night, the FBI arrested the former governor of Puerto Rico on bribery charges. The US Expand
BBC launches inquiry into response to claims against DJ Tim Westwood
5 DAYS AGO - The conduct of former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood is to be investigated by an independent BBC inquiry Expand
Is raising interest rates to tackle inflation the right call?
5 DAYS AGO - Has the Bank's Monetary Policy committee made the right call in forcing us to swallow the bitter Expand
Worst economic prediction for a generation – as UK heads for recession
5 DAYS AGO - Normally you'd expect the biggest single hike in interest rates for 27 years would make the Expand
‘Never seen anything like current energy increases,’ says energy giant boss
26/07/2022 - We spoke to the chief executive of the energy supplier EON here in the UK, Michael Lewis and began Expand
Who could replace Boris Johnson and how?
06/07/2022 - From the possibility of another confidence vote to the reality of a cabinet rebellion.
‘Death of a thousand cuts’: David Davis warns political scandals will ‘taint’ whole government
06/07/2022 - We spoke to the former Brexit secretary David Davis. We put it to him that it looks as if the Expand
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak speak to Tory Party members at Eastbourne hustings
4 DAYS AGO - Tonight, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are speaking to party members at a hustings in Eastbourne.
‘If we don’t see action, this is going to be a cold and dark winter for so many people,’ says Joseph Rowntree Foundation Adviser
5 DAYS AGO - The Bank of England governor was at pains to explain the role of soaring energy prices in driving Expand
Independent Bank of England ‘vital’ says Chair of Treasury Select Committee
5 DAYS AGO - We were told that no-one from the Treasury was available to appear on the programme tonight. 
Why did the Bank of England raise interest rates?
5 DAYS AGO - Our Economics reporter Neil Macdonald joins Jackie in the studio.
BP triples profits after spike in oil and gas prices
7 DAYS AGO - Oil and gas giant, BP today said its profits have more than trebled thanks to surging energy Expand
Boris Johnson could not ignore a no confidence vote, says Whitehall expert
06/07/2022 - The keen Whitehall watcher Dr Catherine Haddon from the Institute for Government is with us.
Chris Pincher scandal: Deputy Mayor of Tamworth alleges he was sexually assaulted by the MP
06/07/2022 - All this began with some serious allegations involving former Tory deputy chief whip Chris Expand

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