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Photography Copyright and Licensing Simplified and Explained
1 HR AGO - Although professional photographers may deal with copyright and licensing regularly, it is not Expand
Google Buys Photographer’s Shot of Seagull Chomping on a Fry
3 HRS AGO - You never know when one of your photos may catch the eye of one of the largest companies in the Expand
Razer Launches Raptor 27, the First THX Certified PC Monitor
20 HRS AGO - Razer has announced a new 27-inch PC monitor that it says is the first in the industry to receive Expand
This is How Film Capture and Development Actually Works
1 DAY AGO - While film is appreciated by a growing number of people, how it actually works may be a mystery to Expand
Photographer’s Eclipse Photo Perfectly Matches His Planned Sketch
1 DAY AGO - A New York photographer planned and sketched in great detail a solar eclipse photo he wanted to Expand
Great Reads in Photography: June 13, 2021
2 DAYS AGO - Every Sunday, we bring together a collection of easy-reading articles from analytical to how-to to Expand
Photographer Captures Drone Video of Bizarre, Fast-Moving ‘UFOs’
3 DAYS AGO - Photographer and filmmaker James Cawley was well aware of the recent interest in UFOs as he Expand
The 2021 Pulitzer Prizes for Photography Have Been Revealed
4 DAYS AGO - Columbia University today announced the 2021 Pulitzer Prizes, awarded on the recommendation of the Expand
Venus Optics Unveils Automatic Aperture Version of 7.5mm f/2 MFT
4 DAYS AGO - Venus Optics has launched a version of the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 for Micro Four Thirds (MFT) that Expand
WildArt Photographer of the Year 2021 ‘Connection’ Category Winners
1 HR AGO - WildArt Photographer of the Year has announced the winners of its fourth category — with the Expand
Profoto Launches Camera App with New ‘Profoto Raw’ Photo Mode
3 HRS AGO - Profoto has been slowly adapting its products to work more seamlessly with mobile devices and it Expand
Infinite Retouching Panel Launches Compatibility for Apple M1 Devices
21 HRS AGO - After months of research and development, Pratik Naik and the team at Infinite Tools have released Expand
Wildlife Photographer’s Camera Fails, Humorous Drawings Ensue
1 DAY AGO - When nature photographer Donny Moore went out to shoot an annual bird migration last month, his Expand
Adobe to Discontinue Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix
1 DAY AGO - Adobe has announced that it will be pulling the plug on Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix, two Expand
This Cameraman Outran the Sprinters in a 100m Race
3 DAYS AGO - Sports photographers and videographers usually work stealthily in the background, documenting Expand
This Sharpness-Boosting Process is Used by Hubble Telescope Editors
3 DAYS AGO - Picture Instruments, a Germany-based software company known best for its plugins for Adobe Expand
Bo Burnham’s ‘White Woman’s Instagram’ Deftly Parodies Internet Culture
4 DAYS AGO - Comedian Bo Burnham has released a comical yet brutally pointed one-man music show that pokes fun Expand
‘Anti-Social’ Photo App Challenges What Social Media Should Be
4 DAYS AGO - Minutiaecoins itself as the “anti-social” social app. It challenges conventional Expand
Some New Apple M1 iMacs Are Arriving Crooked: Report
2 HRS AGO - Some new M1 iMac owners are reporting that their computers arrived from Apple with crooked mounts. Expand
The Razer Blade 14 is a Powerhouse Laptop with an Impressive Display
20 HRS AGO - Razer has announced that after a three-year hiatus, it has brought back its powerhouse 14-inch Expand
Photo Taken From The ISS Visualizes How Fast The Space Station Moves
23 HRS AGO - While most know the International Space Station moves extremely fast, giving a solid idea of what Expand
China’s Zhurong Mars Rover Snaps Selfie with Detachable Camera
1 DAY AGO - China’s Zhurong rover, which landed on Mars as part of its Tianwen-1 mission, has sent back Expand
The Nikon Zfc Will Be an APS-C, Retro-Inspired, $1,000 Camera: Report
1 DAY AGO - According to new reports, Nikon is close to announcing a Z-mount retro-inspired camera, similar in Expand
Researchers Use Smartphone Camera to Identify Bacteria-Causing Acne
3 DAYS AGO - Researchers from the University of Washington have developed a way to use smartphone photos to Expand
This 2021 Solar Eclipse Timelapse Was Made from 50,000 Photos
4 DAYS AGO - In the morning hours of June 10th, a “ring of fire” solar eclipse greeted sky Expand
ZY Optics Launches its 50mm f/0.95 Speedmaster for L-Mount
4 DAYS AGO - Zhong Yi (ZY) Optics has announced that the mirrorless Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 lens Expand

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